Monday, May 3, 2010


Here we are, two weeks from finals, and I'm going to a seminar tomorrow. Yes, I am. Only part of me feels guilty. The part that feels for the sub who has been working with me the past couple of weeks, who will probably get no help tomorrow. I know what that feels like, with the kids I have this year, and it isn't good. She's been working hard with me, and I've appreciated it. The kids are sooo far behind, and they don't even realize it. I'm not sure how to GET them to realize it, and I've been trying.

Still, the other parts of me are feeling like learning something myself might be a bit of a recharge, which I am really needing right now. I probably won't feel the recharge for a bit, until I've had time to digest and incorporate information, and found some use for it. I could spout all sorts of meta educational jargon at you now, but I will restrain myself. For the moment, at least.

Here's to hoping the information tomorrow will be relevant, or at least if it isn't, I will get some grading done. Here's to summer. Are we there yet?

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