Sunday, May 23, 2010

cutting, cutting, cutting

Because my car is in the shop again, Roxanne came over to my house today. She pulled the patterns out of the envelopes, cut the pieces apart and selected the ones we needed while I pinned and cut, pinned and cut. Oh, yeah, and did laundry, since Ron is working midnight shifts this weekend. (reminds me, I better feed the dog)

So, we have quite a pile of sewables, continuing to clothe the young un's for the summer, five more pair of shorts, and 14 shirts (mostly sleeveless), a pair of pj's for Raine for the fall, and a blouse for Roxanne. On the table for tomorrow, a top and two pair of shorts for Raine, and a jumper for me. Roxanne's coming back on Tuesday (yay for school being out for both of us!) and we will work on some pants and a skirt for me, some winter jammies for both of us, and a couple of dresses, along with maybe some other skirts as well. We WILL have things to sew! We are even getting to some of the experimental stuff we have been wanting to work on. How cool is that? VERY!

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