Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the week, and progress

Some things that have been accomplished this week include some yardwork, and I really have to commend Raine on being a good helper. One of her chores this summer is to pull 100 weeds. Now, that may sound like a lot, but it isn't, and they don't have to be huge or anything. She practices her counting while she's at it. OK, I do have to urge her out there, but not tooooo outrageously, and it helps her earn computer time, so she gets paid. Once she's out there, she gets to work, and we've really made progress with the yard. It has been a good opportunity to talk about how some jobs help you feel better about doing them, when things look better when you've done them. Maybe some intrinsic reward building in a way. It sure helps me when I have that realization... and I sure didn't understand it (nor did anyone put it into words for me) when I was 7.

Raine and I both got our summer haircuts. hers more styled than mine, but for both of us it is a lot about the bangs. We both hate it when ours grow to be in our eyes, and they were there, or man. She got a wedge cut in back, which is short and cool and easy to take care of for her, and yet is a girl cut. She'll be leaving for North Caroline this weekend, and I like it when she looks nice for Nana & Poppop. For me, I trimmed the ends, evened it up. They weren't as bad as sometimes they get, but they still took of 3-4 inches. It grows back, faster than I think it will. One of the reasons I go for the long hair is that I never did get the habit of the salon. If I do some kind of style, it will need more maintainence than I'm willing to commit to. My hair grows pretty fast, and I'm don't really consider the salon a "treat" like some women do. So, long works for me, and I pull it back, and there you go.

I got my car back this week, and so far so good, although I don't want to jinx it by talking too good about it. I'm still kind of in the tentative stage with it... are you going to work when I step on the gas this time, too?

Some things still on the list include going out to GHS and working in my classroom. I really am unsatisfied with how I left it, but without a car to get there, wasn't able to make it last week. This week I have the car, but my brain starts in whining and making excuses every time I think about driving down there. I think I will get an early start and do it tomorrow, and then be able to be done with it.

I still haven't started with the box moving yet. I guess I should go work on the classroom, and count that as productive craft room procrastination. Must go through boxes. Must empty storage room and get shelving in there, and then refill storage room... sigh. work work work work work....

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