Monday, June 28, 2010

enjoy summer

The monsoon season started this week. At least that is MY "official" pronouncement. After Thursday's rain out at White Sands, I kind of had an inkling. That and the clouds moving in every afternoon. This evening, though, this evening we have had rain at my house. It has been lovely, too, I must say. Oh sure, there was thunder and lightening. The power went off for a little while, but that just sent us out into the evening to enjoy the wet. Raine and Shelbi went and played in the gutters in the water, and rode up and down on their scooters. They even went around the block a time or two. I pulled a few weeds, and just enjoyed the rain. Eventually - of course - the power came back on and we all made our way inside for baths and desert. Still, hours later, the pit pat of the rain on the sky light made me smile as I headed for my own shower.

And, oh yes, I went and got Shelbi so she could stay with us for a while. Even got to go sew with Roxanne, too. It has definitely been a good day. I am definitely enjoying my summer, and I'm sure going to hate to see it end, as all good things eventually must.


Fran said...

New Mexico summer rain!

Miss it! Miss it BADLY!

Just sayin'.

Dina said...

Yep, this was exactly one of those kinds of rains, too. Perfect.