Saturday, June 12, 2010

what a nice day

I got to sleep in. OK, I know I'm on summer vacation, and I'm not setting my alarm clock or anything, but I have that other kind of alarm clock that goes off every morning anyway. Yeah, gotta go pee. And then, once I'm up, usually I'm up... but then I'm a morning person mostly, so its OK. The day was calm and relaxing, not full of worry, strife or conflict. I got to play computer games with my sweetie, even. The worst thing that happened was that we had to buy a new vacuum cleaner. The old one bit the dust the other day. No, wait, when a vacuum dies, that means it can't bite the dust any more, doesn't it...

Last night we went gaming, and played a board game called Cuba, which - if it means anything to you - is kind of like the big brother of the game Puerto Rico. First time I'd played it, and we didn't get all the way through, but when we ended, guess what? I was in the lead. Who knew? We have a friend, who plays boardgames with us, who is really, really good at that kind of thing. He is an excellent strategist, and is usually the person to beat on the games, so I feel pretty lucky. Yeah luck. If we'd played even one more round, he'd have been ahead and stayed there.

Today we pretty much finished putting Raine's room together, and I'm happy with it. I really think she will be too. She has her ton of books, a wall of movies, now with a TV in her room, places to put away her stuff, and room to play.

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