Friday, June 11, 2010

easy friday, but those cd's

I took it kinda easy today. Of course that doesn't mean I did nothing all day, but not the heavy lifting of most of this week. Raine's room is almost put together. Ron assembled the other shelves and put them where we wanted them. Tomorrow I'll fill them up. Then, clear off the bed and other surfaces so she can come home to a clean, new room.

I also started working on our cd collection. Back in the days before I was married, I had a wall of cd's in a series of those small crate thingies... they were in their plastic cases and I could see them all and get the one out I wanted and play it and put it back easily. Ron, on the other hand, was in the army, and had to pack up is stuff and move it periodically, so his were in those black notebook kind of cases. Well, to integrate them, when we got married, I put mine in those books too. There were a few months where I didn't work, so I had time to get all anal and organizational about it. Now we have about 8 or 9 of those notebooks, and a stack of loose cd's, and another stack of newer cd's that haven't ever gotten in the books yet. Sigh. OK, I appreciate the space saving of those books, but other than that, they are a PIA. I have a hard time finding the music I want to listen to, even though I've labeled the books by genre. I have to page through every time. Then, there is that stack of loose cd's, which somehow magically appear, and you have to go through that stack (or those stacks) as well. What a pain!. AND you have to thumb through each book a bunch of times to put the stack away... and by golly some of the discs don't have the artist's name on them! Argh! There is one disk that I think I finally connected to an artist at one point - after pondering it for several months - and now it has escaped again, and I don't remember who it was. So, good luck to me, in the off hours of the summer, to complete the not weighty, but definitely anal task of reconnecting disk to artist so that they can be found once again, and not sit on a shelf collecting dust.

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Fran said...

Oh you have my sympathy!

I finally gave up on the book thingies and we got shelves from IKEA that are made for CDs. And I went through and alphabetized them by artist.

Good luck!