Saturday, June 26, 2010

summer sewing

Roxanne is having visitors, and classes, and things keeping her busy. I finally got some sewing done, though, and wanted to share. I know I shared the top I made, but I've gotten a couple of other things put together as well.

I got a couple of pairs of shorts done for Raine, who liked them well enough to wear them right away. Dinosaur shorts and skull shorts. She wore the dinosaur pair when she added dino decorations to her new room.

I also finished a pair of shirts for small boys, these in a spider fabric that I never got around to using for Raine. Can you spot the mistake I made? I just decided to deal with it by making believe I meant to do it that way all along. Fortunately, I was able to (meaning I didn't sew a piece on upside down or something).

Today, I'm headed to Alamogordo to a quilt festival they are having there. Yeah, I know, it DOES sound like fun!


Fran said...

Quilt festival? Fun.

Alamogordo? Not so much.

Dina said...

LOL. It sounds like you may have been to Alamo a time or two...