Tuesday, June 22, 2010

best laid plans

Some plans just don't go... as planned, do they? One of Raine's favorite things is playing games on the computer. Not hard to figure out why or how, since the rest of us enjoy it too. In her case, we try to help her balance her time, interest and activities, since we - as adults - are responsible for that sort of thing, and she - as a youngster - isn't really able to do it on her own yet.

She likes to play World of Warcraft when she can, but we only have 3 accounts (only? Well, one for each adult) which means if she is playing, someone else isn't. Which means it needs to be planned, right? So this weekend I planned with Raine what chore we would work do on Monday so we could earn some WoW time later that day. Then Sunday evening her daddy told her no computer tomorrow. Monday's plan dashed. Well, always flexible, I told her, OK, do what you need to on Monday so that we can play on Tuesday.

This morning we got up, and went out back and raked and shoveled and she was a pretty good trooper about the work we did. Then, coming in, Carl reminded me that Tuesday is patch day on Wow, usually until about noon. Well, it wasn't too far from that already, so we cleaned up, and had lunch. Still the patching wasn't done... postponed until 2. At 2? Postponed until 6. At 6? up but really really crowded with all the OTHER people who had been anxiously awaiting it to come back up. Her daddy got home about 6:30, which we knew he would, and then he gets to use his computer... She did get a consolation activity of playing another game on her computer, but it wasn't WoW.

So tomorrow, fates and destiny willing, we will go pull our 100 weeds, and then try logging on for a little bit of WoW. At least, that's the current plan.

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Fran said...

It's hard to learn that things you've looked forward to and anticipated eagerly have been postponed, even though you've done everything right. It's the way the world works, of course, but it still sucks.

Good luck on getting some WoW time!