Wednesday, June 30, 2010

cable or netflix

We've been kinda down on our cable lately. Some channels don't have good reception, even though we have a box, and they all come from the same cable feed... I called their service, and the advice I got was to trade the box in for a different one. I think I'm going to trade the extended service for the basic while I'm at it.

Now that we can get shows streaming in from hulu, and other sources, and pay a much lower monthly fee to netflix and get unlimited downloads of many movies and programs to watch when it is convenient, the cable is much less attractive. The day of programmable television isn't that far in the future. Then I can really watch what I want, when I want to, and not have to worry about whether its Tuesday or Friday or whatever. No commercials, either, if you please. I've enjoyed some vintage Dr. Who, and some other British television, along with some anime and stand up comedians. There is plenty on netflix that I'll enjoy watching.

So the box goes back soon... Friday probably, so that Ron has a chance to sort the mess out. He has the wire knowledge. So, why don't we get rid of the cable all together? Well, that is how we get our internet service at the moment. It is still basically the fastest and most reliable where we live, so we'll keep it.

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