Sunday, June 6, 2010

spring cleaning

Well, we got Raine to the airport to catch her plane, and her grandparents picked her up and the fun started. Tomorrow, they head for Dollywood.

Ron and I started the moving of the rooms. Um, what is the next step up from dust bunnies? That was what we had. Yikes. I think they must be dust sheep. I'm sure I know people who would try to make thread out of these things. Anyway, there is still more moving of stuff, and sorting and setting up to be done, and we will do more of it. Tomorrow.

Also on the agenda tomorrow... sewing with Roxanne! Roxanne's grandmother is in town for a visit and will hopefully come visit us, too. She was quite the seamstress in her day, and I hope she will enjoying being around people who love sewing for an afternoon. Maybe, we'll even learn a thing or two, who knows?

Tonight, though? Tonight, sleep is on the agenda. I don't do it often - thank goodness - but last night was one of my just-can't-get-to-sleep nights, and climbing in bed at 3AM to get up at 4AM makes for a long day...

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