Friday, June 18, 2010

getting carried away

I'm going to post pictures of the top I finished today. It has taken me a while to finish the thing. Not because it was difficult to sew, quite the opposite, this is a pattern I have used many times, and it is an easy one. See I had this idea in my head for embellishing it. Trims and different stitches, and the yoke would be rather crazy quilt-y when I was done.

So I made my sample stitches and threads, and (because I know sometimes what I envision just doesn't translate the way I want it to) asked opinions. Carl first, Ron, the sewing guild. Between them all, I evolved what I was going to do. Thinking about the possibilities and deciding on the decorations definitely took longer than garment construction did. In the end, I decided simple is better, more or less. Oh, yes, and I got so involved in sewing that I lost track of time, and almost missed lunch with Dev...

I modified the top a little, as well. I made it longer, and I added the band to the ends of the sleeves. I loved the fabric, which is a batik, and one of those that will, after a few wearings and washings, soften up and be one of my favorites, I'm sure.

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