Tuesday, March 9, 2010

any given day

I gave myself a day today. A day to get grading done in relative peace and quiet, not having to answer to anyone's beck and call. I was paying myself back for not getting to take a day while I was sick (I'm much better now, thanks, too).

So, what has the day brought to me? What have I brought to the day? Rest. I feel rested.

I feel my creative juices flowing. I'm considering creating a some stuff on cafe press, for Creatlivity. Is "Create Out Loud" too trite? How about "Make stuff like you mean it!" Maybe I should just go for the ball of yarn and knitting needles with "Show me yours, I'll show you mine..."

I must also celebrate reading books again, and listening to them. I'm listening to O, Jerusalem by Laurie King, and enjoying it. I'm reading Come to Grief, by Dick Francis, and enjoying that, too.

I finished the sock I was working on, and cast on its mate. Raine tried it on, and it looks better on that it does off. I may have cast the second sock too tightly, and might have to recast it. I better decide before I get too many rows on, though...

How has your day been?

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