Tuesday, March 30, 2010

it takes practice

Raine practiced riding her bike this past weekend. She got it for Christmas, but she's still a little intimidated by it. She's got the training wheels, and the helmet, but its going to take some time for her to get familiar enough to really take off on it. You can tell, it takes some concentration to ride.

She also has a scooter, which she got last year. She started off slowly and hesitantly on the scooter, too, usually only one foot on the thing at a time. Once she found a friend to ride with, her skills grew quickly, and now she zooms around the neighborhood with a couple of other kids. I try not to watch too much.

Sooner or later, though it was bound to happen. The crash. The skinned limbs. The drama. It was this evening, and she skinned both elbows. Not too bad, really, in the cosmic scheme of things, but there was blood! (Raine hates to see her own blood.) We washed and antibiotic ointmented and band-aided, and the tears were not long lasting. The experience of healing, and knowing that these things don't last forever is part of her learning experience and practice.

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