Saturday, March 27, 2010

third planet

One of the cool places we found while we were hanging out in Houston is called Third Planet. it is a comic and game store, and not a small one. Every available space was crammed with stuff, and I'm sure we did not see all of it by any means. They do have a website, and a presence on facebook, as well as myspace and twitter, and they had a lot of fun stuff for all us gaming geeks.

I think I mentioned that I scored a Trek beanie... and I will share his Vulcany goodness with you now... They also had a lot of Tim Burton movie figures, super heroes, Star Wars, goth dolls, along with anime, games games games, and books, as well as, well, comics. A very unpreposessing storefront that was just way too much fun to explore.

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Fran said...

It sounds like HUGE fun!