Monday, March 15, 2010

getting ready for road trip

Yep, I'm getting ready. Well, getting ready to get ready would be closer to the truth, I think. I'm thinking about what I want to take, making my lists, checking them twice... no, wait, that's a different holiday, isn't it.

Well, there are thing to prepare. For instance, traveling in the car means listening to something. Carl has satellite radio which he will bring, and I have MP3 player, that I will bring, too. I've already loaded an e-book on it, hoping it won't be too big of a pain if we have to stop in the middle of it somewhere. Just one though, just in case it is. I'm also trying to sort out the music that we have so I can load some of it for my listening pleasure. I took off the christmas music and loaded on some folk and celtic. I kind of have to go through it because I want music I can sing along with. I like instrumental music, but on a road trip, I need something to sing with. That also means there should be a certain amount of familiarity with the music. It takes time to go through it all, and I'm not really that patient with the process. (here's another instance in which I'm missing my staff!)

I also want to take my sewing machine, and some things to sew on. I am pretty sure the motel will have an iron available, but anything I take should already be cut out, I think. That will cut down on some of the paraphinalia. I'm thinking I may work on a top that I wanted to embellish parts of, and that would be fun, but I couldn't finish that, because I think I would like to use the embroidery machine on that some too. Hmmm. Still I do have a few things cut out already, if I don't get to anything else.

I think I have my books already at hand, although Raine and I do need to make a trip to the library to reture what we have checked out. She has been enjoying the books we've been getting, so I'm willing to make that habit. (OK, I am willing to make it a habit anyway).

Clothes? Oh, yeah, those... well I'll look in the closet again tomorrow...


Fran said...

When do you leave? I mailed you something today that you might want to have on hand.

And isn't the technical term "fixin' to get ready"?

Dina said...

fixin' to get ready is what you do BEFORE you are gettin' ready... lol