Tuesday, March 16, 2010

more change in the air

So, the person that I have been co-teaching with this semester (some of you may know her by either Allison Green-Wall or Toragana) got a new job last week. One she has been wanting for a while, and been looking for for a while as well. The job sounds FABULOUS, and I'm seriously jealous, in a good way. I'm also very happy for her to get the kind of job where she will be happy.

Unfortunately, that means the students we have been working with will lose their second teacher this year. The timing of that loss also pretty much means that she won't be replaced this year, either. Sigh. So, I'm feeling a little sorry for myself because of that. Oh, I imagine they will put a long-term sub in her place, and that the kids and I will manage, but we WILL feel the loss.

One more reason for me to request a different class assignment next year. I'm hoping that I will be teaching one or more dual credit English classes next year. That will be a challenge, but a vastly different one. Another possibility? Seriously, folks, sign me up where Allison will be teaching!

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