Monday, March 8, 2010

check it off the list

Lately I have come to appreciate just how much crafting, creativity and creation mean to me. I have been working around ways to make this passion something that could support me financially, and not just spiritually. I don't want to start a fabric store, or a yarn store, and have classes on the side. I would much rather create a community of crafters who create and share their knowledge and creativity. I'm not sure how to put the whole thing together, but one of the steps is - I believe - to blog about it. I don't know where that blog will go or grow, but it is begun. Anyone interested in checking it out, and even making suggestions, can find it at . I don't expect to post to this new blog every day - at least not at first - but I do see it as a record of a journey. One that I have been on for a while, maybe all my life. I hope I find that the road that journey covers is wider than I once thought.

And as promised, I have pictures of the bodice of Candice's wedding dress. Tenna Kay did the beading on the front, and I still need to do some handwork along the top. We also need to add the boning, and seam the channels for it, finish the bottom of the piece, and then add the grommets. Next week, we will begin putting the skirt together. Now that things are cut out, assembly should go, well, if not quickly or easily, at least abley... I'll leave Roxanne to put the layers of the skirt onto its waistband and add the zipper. Then, we will add the embellishing beads to the skirt, to create little poofs around the skirt. It should be beautiful, and we really want it to be, for Candice, who has worked hard for a good while to get where she is, and who deserves a beautiful wedding dress.


Fran said...

I can't wait to see the finished dress! It's going to be stunning!

Tell Tenna Kay I said hi, wouldya?

Dina said...

I sure will! She enjoys hearing from the old gang...