Tuesday, December 14, 2010

cats and trees

Last weekend, we put up the Christmas tree. Twinkley lights and all manner of decorations now cover the branches, thanks - in large part - to the efforts of Raine. She had been waiting, and not very patiently, for the tree.

Evidently the cat had been waiting for it too, and as soon as the festooning was finished, she promptly curled up underneath for a nap. She's napping there now, in fact. It's a good thing, too. She can keep a proper eye on the tree skirt. It must be unruly, because every time I go in the living room, it has been rearranged. She must have to subdue it periodically. Maybe it's trying to get away, and she has to use her power over gravity to hold it in place, as well, making all those naps beneath the tree necessary.

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