Tuesday, December 7, 2010


One of the things that never goes off my list of things to do and enjoy is gaming. Role playing games especially, but I do enjoy some World of Warcraft on occasion.

The newest expansion was released last night, and Ron and I played a little this evening, starting characters in one of the new player races that they just opened up. The beginning area is different than the previous ones, in form and in function. Interesting experience. Of course I played longer than I should have and will make this pretty short. Still, as a review, this isn't much of one. I know other places will get much more into the intricate details than I will. I will say this though, I'll play more of it. Yes I will.


Fran said...

We looked at WoW and everyone else is playing it but it just didn't grab us. However, I have a weakness for starting new characters, and that's one serious failing for EQ2. The old EQ let me have lots of different character combinations, this one doesn't. I haz a sad about that.

But I'm glad you've got a new expansion to play with! That's always exciting, isn't it?

Dina said...

Yeah, and in about a week, I'll actually have some time to do more than just scratch the surface.