Monday, December 6, 2010

one step closer

Yesterday, I went through how I had done on my weekend to-do list. Today, I'm happy that I got one step closer to ready for the end of the semester.

When I got home this evening, I got started on my final, and then just worked on it until it was done. WOoT! Now to get the copies made. A classroom set is enough, I think, with a few extra, for the unforeseen.

One of the things that took longer than I would have liked was the numbering. Generally speaking, anything that one of those office suites can do automatically, I don't want them to. It just annoys me with its mindless insistence of doing whatever that thing is. Like numbering. Sigh. Every line. Then, because I copied and pasted some of the questions from one document to another, then wrote some questions before those, I had to renumber. Pretty much meant doing it over and deleting the ones I didn't need. I should have just turned it off. A lot of those automatic formatting things just need to be OFF while I'm using the program. I don't want it to correct my grammar, if I want to check on the spelling of a word, I will. Just let me type.

So anyway, Final Exam. Check.

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