Monday, December 20, 2010

mark it off the list, or not

Well, today I worked on a few things from my list. First there were the chores, of course, not the least of which was supervising Raine with her chores. laundry, check; dishes, check; cat box cleaned out, trash taken out, trash container by the curb. Check, check, check. Yay.

I also got Carl's birthday shirt finally finished. The hem, the button holes and the buttons. Now I can quit wondering why he doesn't wear it (oh yeah, I haven't FINISHED it yet!). I should probably work on a couple more for him. That one fits him pretty well. Hope I can remember what I did to get it that way.

I also got to teach Sara how to do granny squares. She is wanting to make an afghan, and she can crochet, but doesn't have a lot of experience. I figure that granny squares are easy to get the hang of, are fairly versatile, and all that. She picked it up pretty quickly and we discussed possibilities like one big square, and how to put the blocks together, and did she want to alternate colors. I wasn't trying to tell her how she wanted it, or anything, but more getting her to actually decide what she wanted, so she could plan yarn purchasing etc. I want to see it when she's done.

Well more chores tomorrow, and getting the place spiffed up for visitors. Then sewing! Those things are always on the list for me, and so is helping out a fellow crafter. I'm glad I can celebrate getting to acknowledge doing them more than I really want to mark them off the list.

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