Friday, December 3, 2010

items on the list for this weekend

In no particular order:

Decorate for Christmas. The tree (artificial of course) is out of the shed and in the house. I went through the lights, and threw away the string that immediately started smoking - I'm quick enough to recognize that as a Bad Sign. Gave a few other strings away, along with the tree that we used to use, and some of the decorations I didn't want any more. Now, I still have plenty to use, and room to store a new set of something that twinkles just the right way. Raine has been asking all this week, "Can we decorate the tree today?" I keep telling her "Saturday!"

Load Open Office back onto my computer. I saved a lot of data. Not all I should have, perhaps, but more than might have been expected under the circumstances. I was ill, and not firing on all cylinders at the time, so I just have to cut myself a little slack. Still, if I want to get some more pages done so I can continue posting on that blog, I better get busy. I have ideas, I really do, but they won't write themselves down, now, will they.

Grade papers. The end of the semester is coming up QUICK! My students have a couple of assignments they need to finish up next week, and then the week after is finals. Did I mention that quite a few of them have make-up work to do? Well, a lot of them do (even if some of those are in denial). They can turn it in until next Friday, but we all need to know who still needs to do what.

It sounds like a pretty good list, to me.

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Fran said...

I had a standing rule for homework. You had four days to turn it in. The day it was due, you got 100% credit. The three subsequent days, you lost 10% of your grade, so after the 4th day, there wasn't much point.

Extra credit work was due the day I said it was, no exceptions, no sliding scale. Either you turn it in, or you don't. Tough noogies.

Except. One day, toward the end of the semester, students were given an "Amnesty Day". They could turn in any back assignment, any extra credit work for full credit. One day only, take it or leave it, it was there.

That way they couldn't say they didn't have every opportunity to pass. It put the responsibility squarely on their shoulders, which was important for the Honors and AP classes. Well, for their parents.