Sunday, December 5, 2010

let's recap

The Christmas tree is in the living room. Still in the box, but in the right room. That one is still on the list.

I did better with the computer, reloading Open Office and AVG. I got to work on my Page by Page blog story some yesterday, and even posted a page. We are almost to the end of Chapter 1. Even though Chapter 1 isn't long, being able to see the end of it is huge for me. I'm on a learning curve for story planning and pacing. I don't think I'm good at them yet, but I'm in a place where the technical knowledge they represent is important writer growth. I got Civ 5 loaded and running. The graphics are nice, but play seems slower than other versions. They changed the production trees. Still, troops can embark, so you use ships for defense/offense but not for transport. Interesting. I'm not sold on it yet, though.

I graded some papers, too. Not as many as I should, but I will spend some time entering grades into the computer on Monday, and that will be good. I'll get some more graded each day this week.

I got to sew with Roxanne, and that was really nice, today. Calm and peaceful without her grandson. I love that little rascal, and I do enjoy playing with him when he is there, but he definitely cuts into the sewing time. That said, people time is more important, and he won't always be willing to trade raspberries with me, or squeezy hugs. I better get while the getting is good. I did some good troubleshooting on the serger. We use that machine so much, I sure am glad now that I overcame the hesitancy I first had. We worked on Christmas gifts, and we look forward to being able to put a little more time in on it during the Holiday break.

So, before it gets too late, I'd better off to bed with me.

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