Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, the table got cleaned off, and the boxes got emptied... and today, the grappler came and hauled away the detritus. (and the boxes, and the bags of leaves that we raked, too). We ate Christmas dinner at the table. I put my new lap-top there to plug in and get the updates, etc. It's been useful, and put to use. The in-laws have flown home, now, though.

What to do, now? Well, a jigsaw puzzle, obviously. I bought one and opened the box. Carl came and helped put the edges together, and now he's working on the sky while I work on the mountains. It's been years since I've worked on a jigsaw puzzle, and I enjoy them.

Hooray for kitchen tables!


Fran said...

Oh, do enjoy your jigsaw puzzle!

My mom's birthday was on the 28th and I always gave her a jigsaw puzzle for her birthday. I haven't attempted one since she died, so I'm glad that you're doing one now! It seems. . .perfect.

Dina said...

Happy memories, Mom. We got the sucker finished. Raine wondered why we didn't glue it, but I'm for putting them back in the box for another go in the future.