Tuesday, February 28, 2012

critical eye

So, here is something I've been mulling over, and thinking about. Yeah, I do tend to over-think things. I know I do. Sometimes, like now, I'd like a little input from others to moderate my own over-thinking.

Its about photographs. Of me. I make stuff, and I like to show what I've made, which means if I make it for me, its likely to be a photograph of me. Not that I'm so photogenic, or should have become a supermodel because... well... look at that bone structure. No. I'm fat. And no spring chicken. My best days for being photographed probably happened in the 60's. Yeah, that would be the 1960's. When I was a kid. So, I'm not asking which photo makes me look fat. The fat makes me look fat, and the photo just gives you a medium to see it.

Still, that being said, some photos seem to me to be more flattering than others. I just want to know if I'm being hypersensitive/critical or if I'm actually learning something about photography. Let's take this photograph first:
photo by Ron, while standing
I was standing, Ron was standing. Since he is taller, its taken slightly from above.  Next, there is this one taken the other day by Roxanne, who was seated at the time, so it is taken from a slightly lower perspective:
photo by Roxane, while seated (my new shirt, yay)
Differences in lighting aside, this second one really seems to emphasize my mid-section. Not an area that NEEDS to be emphasized, I might add. Is it the angle of the photograph? The cut of the clothing? Both tops have a similar fit around that mid-section... Or, is it just me? Are both of these photos just 'pictures of Dina?' Hmmmm??


Linda said...

Do you want a comment from you MIL lol? I love the first pic in the blue shirt. They may be similar but the blue is more defined in your mid section making you appear thinner. Try the second shirt photographed the same as the blue and see what happens. Its all in the photography. I've got the same problem with the mid section so I hope you don't think I'm being critical lol

Fran said...

The top one is a little dark, but the cut of the shirt is more flattering and the angle is probably better for you.

The angle of the second one is less flattering, highlighting your tummy more. But the light in the second one makes you look more washed out.

Perhaps a compromise? Somewhat brighter lighting from an elevated level? Whatever the cut of the first shirt is, it works for you!

Dina said...

Thanks both of you! What I'm getting is that there is a combination of factors. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Looks like I'll be using the pattern for the shirt on top again. And again...

Vic said...

Also, I would add - straight on photography is never flattering, always take standing at a slight angle. higher or lower angles are better depending on what you are looking for. Maybe you should have a little photo fun. But wear the same clothing and look at all the different angles, lights etc.

But the cut of the blue shirt is more flattering. I do like the colors and how it looks on you.