Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm so glad it's Friday. We had a rally on Wednesday. Our new principal has held several, whereas the previous couple only had maybe two a year. And ALWAYS on Friday, last thing before the kids went home. So, Wednesday should have been Friday, and we still had to go back TWO MORE DAYS!

Ah well. It's Friday now. Ron and I tried out a new to us restaurant this evening, for our early Valentine's date (we are both happy to beat the crowds). We debated whether to go to our treat stand-by, Japanese Kitchen. Yum. Then I recalled that we had discussed the other places in town that served sushi that we hadn't tried yet. Ron looked up the reviews, and we decided to head for El Paseo. It was a good choice. We ordered 3 rolls each and shared. Our conversation turned into a series of yummy noises that lasted as long as the rolls did. Man they were good! We even got a little dessert sample for being first timers. We'll go back there, for sure!

I also got notice that the packages that we FINALLY mailed out were received. YAY! Happy Christmas! WOooo!

Now, I'm looking forward to sleeping late, working on Curves Class projects, getting some stationary bike riding done... and laundry... and grading... and... happy weekend!