Wednesday, February 22, 2012

is it the sun?

The antibiotics are kicking in, and I'm feeling better. Definitely better. Good enough to be working on some more of those curves projects that I didn't work on Monday because I didn't feel better then.

On of the projects involves a pieced sun shining on a tree. I've decided not to make the whole thing yet. It would be a mini-quilt, and I'm not up for it yet. I love those two elements, though, and practice making them will improve the final product when I DO make the whole thing.

I've been seeing people making these wonky stars, and I've been wanting, wanting to make one in yellow for the sun. Here it is! Actually, yeah, I think I need more practice.
feeling the sunshine?
 Anyway, its a start, and I was glad to even feel like working on it.

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Linda said...

oh yes definitely feeling that warm sunshine and hoping it'll make you feel better as well.