Sunday, February 12, 2012

sew sunday

Roxanne wasn't up for sewing today. She had too much work to take care of. I sewed anyway, and caught up on projects from the Curves class. I blogged about them here, and even have (don't faint) pictures. Well, at least two of the projects. The third I saved for a separate post, which will happen later this week. Wanna see else what I made?
It's a pillow cover, with no pillow yet.

I did some cooking, and some (very little bit) cleaning this weekend as well. I even exercised. Yay me. We got Raine ready for her Valentine's party at school. I used to LOVE the Valentine's party. We each decorated a box, and then put the valentines cards in. It was like getting mail. I loved getting mail, even then. Doesn't seem like they do it that way any more. Ah, well.

I got to sleep late, and didn't even have to go anywhere today. It was a nice day. A nice weekend.

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