Wednesday, February 29, 2012

face off

Being entertained is always on my list of things to do. Have you been watching Face Off? What a fun show this is. One of those challenge "reality" shows, this time competing make-up artists. We're almost through the second season all ready, and enjoying every episode.

This week, the challenge was to create something Burtonesque. Several of the artists did a wonderful job on this challenge I think my favorite was from RJ, who created a bell hop, with a chest of drawers, in which he kept ladies drawers... lol. Royce (I hope that i got his name right) won with his creation of a musician and her base fiddle lover. Beautifully crafted and painted. I'm betting that RJ is likely to win it all this season.

At the bottom of the pile was Sue. Again. With too much on her plate, and nothing to pull everything together. She threw gears on it and seemed to think that would take care of everything. Nope. Still she hung on for one. more. week. Beki went home after creating a huge cupcake, and not much else. Again, nothing to really explain why her creation looked like it did... what tied it together.

The challenges are fun, and time is definitely a factor. Very creative.

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Linda said...

I've seen the previews for that show and think it looks interesting and that I'll get Ron to tape it (comes on after my bedtime lol) but I always forget.........