Saturday, February 25, 2012


Lets see... what did I accomplish today. Besides laundry. Oh, yeah.

I made pizza. Home made dough from scratch. Its been a while since I made some, so I was kind of rusty, but it came out OK, so I think I remembered all the ingredients. Might need to make the oven hotter next time. Used to make these pizzas all the time, easy peasy in a food processor. When I spent time without one, though, well, I didn't make them so much. I think they may be back in the rotation.
curvy snowflake mug rug

I finished a couple of sewing projects today. I'll probably blog about them more tomorrow, for Creatlivity, but I'm really proud of how they came out, so I just have to show you. Heck, I could practically go door to door around the neighborhood to show off the drunkards path piece. You can relax, though. I won't. I'll just post it everywhere I can think of. And wonder if I should be more of a grown up about it.
drunkard's path mini quilt

Then, I went and joined Pinterest. I've been avoiding it, realizing what a time sink it could be for me, on top of all those other computer related time sinks I have. I guess the moment was right, though, and now I've done it.

Now that I'm feeling a lot better, I have a goal for this weekend. Get back on that exercise bike. Raine and I walked on Thursday and it felt pretty good. Don't want to loose what good I've done. (Keep talking yourself into it, Dina!)

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