Wednesday, February 8, 2012

happy flags

prepare your ingredients
I completed the first project for the Curves Class I'm taking. It started of easy, both in terms of the curves and the sewing. The project is to create a line of decorative bunting. Some of the finished products were for a child's room, or a party. I just decided to make one that would be happy. I looked through my piles of leftover fabrics and found some I thought looked good together, and were cheerful.I had pretty much the perfect amount of bias tape that I'd made for Christmas projects (all mailed, now, yay!)

The project is not long or drawn out, but evening is not my best time of the day to accomplish things and do a good job. Last night I did the cutting. My first time cutting intentional curves with the rotary cutter. This evening I sewed them up. It really didn't take long, either. Ran out of bobbin sewing the arcs into the bias tape and didn't notice until I was through them all. Pretty much had to do them twice. Sigh. Still, I think it turned out all right, and I'm happy with it. I'm wondering whether, with a bit of size adjustment, it would make a cute garland for a Christmas tree.


Linda said...

they are rather cute and I think with the right Christmas fabric maybe a glittery kind they would look good on a tree of just as a decoration across the top of a curtain or something?

Fran said...

I think they would make great garland! Or orange ones for a Halloween theme?