Sunday, February 5, 2012

mom fail

One day last week, Raine came home complaining that her shoes were rubbing her heels. "Well," I suggested, as moms will, "wear different socks?" No. Mom fail.

On Friday, when I picked her up from the babysitter, she was wearing a pair of sandals. "Where did you get those shoes?" I asked.

"The ladies in the office gave them to me because my shoes were rubbing my heels and it hurt."

"Oh." I said. Nodding with understanding. Finally. My shoes rubbing my heels actually translates to, these shoes have gotten too small. She's grown almost 2 inches in the past 2 or 3 months. I've been waiting for her shoes to get too small. I just expected a more easily translatable message when they finally did. Silly me.

We found some replacements this evening (size 5's, thank you) so she can wear them to school tomorrow, and return the spare pair to the school office for the next needy child.

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Vic said...

Yup, It's happened she's wearing things I might be able to fit into and wear. If you like, I have a ton of shoes I've only worn once that will fit or almost fit her now including a couple of Dr. Martins I just didn't like .... after I bought them.