Tuesday, February 21, 2012

nasal whiney mode

I have an annual tradition that I would really rather not have. A February sinus infection. Often, President's Day weekend is the significant time, especially back in the days when I would head for Estrella War every year, with the hot days and the cold nights. If I didn't have one before I left, I had one when I got home. If I'd had one before I left, it was worse (again) when I got home.

So, Sunday, I could tell my sinuses were unhappy, and yesterday I felt mopey and feverish. Today I went to the Dr. and got antibiotics. Didn't sleep well last night, rather feverish still, I think. I dreamt that I drank water from a water bottle several times. It was quite refreshing. I did have a water bottle by me, but not the one I dreamed of, and by the time I woke up enough to look at it and realize that, I also realized that it was still full. But that water in my dream had tasted and felt so good!

Hoping that I'll be able to sleep better tonight, and make it through work tomorrow and the antibiotics will kick in.... And the whiney-ness will kick off.

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Fran said...

Ah sweetie, you have my complete and total sympathy! I discovered that standing in the shower, with my fingers making a kind of tent over my nose and mouth so I could breathe, and then letting the water beat on my cheeks and warm up my sinuses (without doing the netty pot thing) helped immensely!

Get some sleep and rest rest rest!