Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine time

Working in a high school on Valentine's day is alternately charming and alarming. One of my students came into class saying she had just gotten engaged. Others were busy playing with stuffed animals that they'd given to one another. The chorus class came by and delivered song o grams. None of them were there to get anything accomplished. For their grade, that is. Maybe the dance was well attended. The cooking class was selling chocolate dipped strawberries, and those tempted me. I saw some at one point during the day, and they looked fabulous.

I managed NOT to succumb to red and pink balloons, roses, kitch-y baubles, fancy jewelry or sugary sweets. I like the idea of Valentine's Day much more than the commercialization of it. Then again, I think that is more and more true of EVERY holiday. I do appreciate my family and loved ones, and the fact that we've actually put work into our relationship that has done much good. We celebrated that the other day. We beat the crowd and enjoyed ourselves.

I still got a present though. The best card ever. Made by Raine. Then, she even outdid herself and thought to call her grandparents and wish them Happy Valentine's Day, and made their day, too.

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Linda said...

yes it definitely made our day and it was fun to talk to all of you.