Friday, February 17, 2012

president's weekend

A lovely three-day weekend in store. I'll be on my own for much of it. Ron is working, and Raine is birthday partying. I'll be doing some cooking and laundry and sewing!

This week in the curves class is improv curves. There are three projects, for various skill levels. I want to do them all. It's not that I'm an over-achiever. They all look great, though, and fun to make. I got started this evening and made a couple of pieced note cards. Well, you make pieced blocks and then sew them onto the note cards. It was my first attempt at the improvised curves, and I think it went pretty well. The advice to sew with the concave side on top really helped out, I think. Anyway, I got two cards put together, and uncovered some smallish pieces in the box, so I will probably put together a few more.

Tomorrow's project is a mini-quilt. I got the pieces cut out this evening, and will do the sewing on it tomorrow. The third project is a tree on a hill mini quilt. The example is a Christmas-y tree. I think it looks awesome, and I want one, too. If I work it out right, I'll also get my tops finished up and be able to wear one or the other to work next week. Excellent.

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