Tuesday, January 18, 2011

amusing child

Sometimes kids are just... entertaining. Raine has been working on ways to cut down on her "prep" time in the mornings. Not that she has a lot of time, or prepping to do in it. I wake her up at 7, she gets dressed, feed her fish and the dog, the heads for school by 7:30.

Still... Saturday morning she cleaned in her room. I went in and did the I'll stand on one side of your bed, and we'll spread it up thing. There were clothes under her pillow. "Are those your school clothes?" I asked.


"For Tuesday?"

"Yep. They're all ready."

"OK." Indeed they are.

Monday evening, she announced, " I'm going to wear my socks to bed. Then I won't have to put them on in the morning."

I nodded. "OK."

"It will save me time in the morning," she explained.

This morning she was up - and yes, dressed - about the same time I was. Up in time to eat a bowl of cereal and watch a little TV, which she liked. Up early enough for me to get to wait on her before I could get my own breakfast. Sigh.

Still, I like he view of what helps her in the mornings. I think it is a step of maturity that she is ready to figure out how better to be ready. It amuses me as well. The innocence. The innovations.

I did tell her if she got up before anyone else was up, it was too early, and she needed to go back to bed, though. I really don't need her waking me up before I'm ready. Really. Don't.

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