Monday, January 24, 2011

epiphany the second

See, I learned not to use up multiple inspirations in one post.

OK, also, even though it is an epiphany, the topic is - really - much different.

On most Sundays, Carl & I go to Sam's for our weekly shopping. Often, because the gas is cheaper there (although not as convenient unless you are there anyway), I gas up my car. Well, of course there is a line, and of course sometimes you just have to wonder how some of those people manage to actually drive if they have so much trouble putting fuel in their cars. Sigh.

Have you noticed that many of those people seem to be older? Have you noticed that those "older" people aren't as much older as they used to be? Yeah. me too. So, the next time I say "Move it, grandmaw" I better check to make sure I'm not talking to myself...

Did I mention that one of the good things about have a later-in-life kid is that you aren't a real grandmaw until later than most of your friends? Yeah.


Betty and Wilma said...

Roadrage at the pump? lol. Boston traffic is the worst. Thanks for the read!

Dina said...

Decided to give up road rage long ago. I haven't given up on my patience yet, but I do still need practice. :^)