Monday, January 17, 2011

sewing day

Yep, I posted some pictures of finished garments in the Createlivity blog. I took them with my phone. At this size, it looks nice and clear, but where is the magnifying glass? Any bigger, and it's blurry. Still, we finished this nice tunic top for Roxanne today. She picked sleeveless so she could wear it under a jacket. It's black, with strings of small white dots, like strings of pearls, running up and down. It isn't straight lines, though, there is flow, and I really liked the effect. Wish you could see it here, I really do.

I took a couple of photos of Roxanne today, as she modeled several pieces that we've recently finished. As I took the photos, I was reminded of my mom. Something about the way Roxanne stood to have her picture taken was just so much like her. Now, Roxanne is related by marriage, not blood, to Mom, but she spent a lot of time with us, and with Mom while she was growing up. We are getting to be the age that my mom was when most of the photos of times I remember growing up were taken... that may be part of it. Mom would definitely have enjoyed sewing with us, and some of the fabrics have come out of my mom's stash. Anyway, it is a good rememberance of her either - or both - ways.

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