Thursday, January 27, 2011

spider solitare

I know, I know. Its a game, and I'm being silly about it, but for a long time I would play (on the medium setting, 2 suits) and I was winning about 65% of the time. Then, I used a little more patience, tried a few more times to solve the card puzzle, and felt like I got better at the game. Sure enough, my percentage of wins started to go up, little by little.

Not too long ago, We had to do some major work on my machine, adding a new hard drive and wiping the old one to get rid of a virus. It reset my spider stats and I got to start over on them. What if I didn't have to work my way up through all those percentages, one at a time? Well, I'm winning at 92% right now. I've played over 100 games, so while it might not be the percentage I keep forever, I think it is a somewhat fair representation. I felt like I'd improved, but, well, wow!

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