Sunday, January 23, 2011


Today was a day of epiphanies for me.

This morning, I was reminded of Lou when I read the plaque she gave me that says, "Best friends are the sisters that destiny forgot to give you." I cherish memories of Lou because she was indeed one of my best friends, at just the right time. She was funny and smart and talented, and - really - way too cool for me. She was beautiful and sassy and she taught me some stuff about living and enjoying life that I just hadn't known before. Fran and Lou were friends forever. Really, they were so much a part of each other's lives that they were more than friends, they were family. I always thought that their friendship was something special, the history and longevity something that a Taurus like me can really appreciate. I realized today another way just how special.

When Lou was very ill, battling the cancer that would finally end her life, Fran left her home, her husband, her stuff, and came to be with Lou. Not everyone would or could do that. I didn't, and I certainly loved Lou and cared about her. It wasn't easy for Fran to be with Lou while she died and I respect Fran for doing what she did more than she will ever know. I've known that much for a long time, though. My epiphany was that in doing what she did for Lou, she opened herself up to something that would change her life for the better in so many ways. She put herself in the place where she would really get to know Lillian, and their relationship began. Lillian and Fran are - for me - one of the best couples I know. They complement each other so well. They strengthen each other and complete each other. Together, they are more than either of them alone. And alone, each is pretty awesome. Fran gave a gift, and received a gift. It was a pretty uplifting realization, and one that Lou would be nodding along with me, a knowing look on her face, thinking, you finally figured that one out, did you? (see, she's still around, teaching me stuff)

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Fran said...

Aw shucks, Dina! You made me cry!