Sunday, January 9, 2011

happy blocky

One of the things we accomplished while sewing today was putting together the first four blocks (of 96) for our quilts! When Roxanne came to my house so we could cut stuff out, I told her my idea for making our first quilts. First of all, the blocks have to be EASY. Next, if we work on sets of four fabrics for four blocks, then make a set about every other week, then by the end of the year, we'll be ready to put our quilt tops together. She thought that sounded like a good idea. In fact thinking about having a quilt that we made put a big ol' smile on her face.

Despite having a tub of odds and ends, saved for some future quilt-making endeavor (you know, like this one), I decided that I would start off even easier than that. I got some fat quarters, since they were on sale, and cut out the pieces for the block we decided on. Actually, we decided on two, very similar blocks. I cut out enough pieces for two sets of four blocks, and some extra blocks of the two sizes we'll be using, to get the fabric all taken care of.

Today, we laid them out, and then Roxanne sewed while her mom ironed (I have a feeling her mom may be on the next round of quilts...). They turned out great! Yay! Roxanne and I both have fond feelings for the quilts my mom made for us, and we have both thought about making some, but never really gotten it all together for it. I know, I know, we still have a year to see whether we really have it all together for it now, but I think we do!

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