Wednesday, January 5, 2011

it's been nice

What a lovely vacation this has been. Holiday doesn't really capture it. Vacation.

Raine started back to school today, and wasn't absolutely thrilled to do it, but we talked about it all week, so it wasn't a surprise. Took her swimming last evening as well, to get her tired out and ready for bed, and I think it worked. Just so happens I did some laps as well, which felt pretty good, too. Anyway, Raine got up right away this morning, fed her fish, got dressed, fed the dog, and was out the door pretty early, actually. She did good.

Tomorrow morning is my turn. I've been telling myself all week, and talking myself into it. I hope I can do as well as Raine did this morning. Of course, I won't have students until Monday, so that will help, actually. I've had a much needed break and rest and hopefully enough of a recharge to carry me through next semester. Tomorrow, back to the work routine.

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