Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have all kinds of intent to do crafty makey things this upcoming year. Yes I do.

So, what will I make? For one thing (two, actually, since Roxanne gets one too) I want Roxanne and I to finish the quilts we have been making squares for all this past year. I think they are going to be AWESOME! and if you see them and don't think so... well, I really don't want to know. They are going to be AWEsome!

Other than that though? Well, that's where inspiration comes in. And where do we find inspiration? Well, it can be found almost everywhere, really, but certainly, I think art inspires art. I don't mean copying what someone else has done. I mean looking at a vision someone else has had and then incorporating that thought into your own schema. Working it through your own vision, and becoming inspired. Looking at things from someone else's point of view can give you "new eyes" for a moment, and what is inspiration but looking at things in a new way?

Another source of inspiration is nature. I get enthralled by the organic movement of bare tree branches building the shapes of trees. Particularly when there are two or three trees growing closely together, making one canopy. I also find myself fascinated by leave lately. Again, I think it has to do with the movement and organic curves of them.

So, on my to-do list for this year is to visit places and look for inspiration. To look for forms that speak to me, and to observe how other artists and craftists create with those forms (and other forms), and to learn from them. To be inspired.

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