Saturday, December 31, 2011

what's in a picture?

Used to be I could up load photos from my computer onto my blogs, but I have been having issues with that. Between Ron and I, we tried a number of things to help solve the issues, and perhaps we have, today. An annoying (to me) solution, but a solution none-the-less.

So here is a post in Createlivity blogger style, with photos.

And here is a photo of the pattern Roxanne and I are using to make pajamas for her great nephews and her grandson. We were making the footy part on Friday, and once we got the hang of them, we thought, HEY! We could totally make slippers like this, more or less. Christmas inspiration for next year. Plus, the two piece footy pajamas are not difficult to make. We may go crazy with those, too...
Are you kidding? Footy pajamas? AWESOME!

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