Saturday, December 17, 2011

wedding count-down

NOT my wedding. My cousin, Roxanne, who I usually sew with. She and her husband got married with a justice of the peace. Now it is time for the church. We didn't make her dress. She found a fabulous dress online and it was on sale, and beautiful, and thank goodness. We are tweaking it a bit, of course we are. But, not much.

We made Raine's outfit - she'll either be ring bearer or flower child. She and Roxanne's grandson will have to work that out. Who knows, maybe they will trade off. We made a white shirt for Carl, who will be a groomsman. We made the brides maid outfits as well. We finished the blouses for those today.

I'm really happy for my cousin to be able to have the wedding that she wants. I'm happy to help her out, and help her stay sane through the stress and all.

Know what? I'll be even happier when it is all said and done, and I can spend a morning (or afternoon) or two on the crafts I've got sitting around, beckoning me.

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Fran said...

The idea of weddings is always so beautiful. The actual putting on of one is a whole lot of work. Kind of like having babies; nice in theory, messy in practice.

Congratulations to Roxanne!