Friday, December 9, 2011

weekend to-do list

There are a few things on my list this weekend besides the normal chores and sewing with Roxanne. For one thing, it is almost the end of the semester. Next week is finals. That means, yep you guessed it, grading. Grading, grading, grading. Actually, I've had bigger piles of papers in past years, so I feel I will actually get through it all. Yay!

I love clean sheets on the bed, but with Ron sleeping in the daytime, to work nights, coordinating changing them for laundry day can be a challenge. To take care of that challenge, I changed them tonight. One thing crossed off the list!

Tomorrow, Carl is coming over. While the laundry is running, he and I will go through the kitchen and pack his stuff for him to take to Roxanne's. Of course he has kitchen stuff. He's the cooking brother, after all. So, yeah, the GOOD pots and pans are his, and I will miss them. I'll be looking for some, though, not immediately, but soon. I have to say that having the thick bottom to keep the heat even is noticeably effective.

On the present-making front, I am close to the end of a second scarf, and oh so ready to be done with it. I will say that it is comfy enough for winter, though. I hope the recipient will enjoy it! Maybe - just maybe - I'll get a little extra sewing time in, too. Get those crafty gifts ready to give!

How is your weekend shaping up? Are YOU ready for Christmas?

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