Wednesday, December 7, 2011

something about peppermint

I have a thing for peppermint. It freshens my attitude, comforts me, soothes me. Don't even think about spearmint though, yuck! This time of year, I keep an eye out for the peppermint chapstick, so I have a couple extra tubes around to use all through the year. I'll even enjoy chocolate mint. In very small amounts - but that is because of the sugar, not the mint!

My favorite, go-to tea is peppermint. I ran out. I've been making do with the fruity teas that I used to drink all the time, but now they are just making do. I look longingly at the Earl Grey, but I don't want to mess up falling asleep with the caffeine. I tell myself, they need to get used up, too, and they do. Still, I'm looking forward to picking up another box of my favorite, peppermint tea, when I get to the store. Sigh.

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Vic said...

You know they make decaffinated Earl Grey ?? Sold at Albertsons. Haven't seen it anywhere else.