Sunday, December 11, 2011

scared a little

Today was not my best day ever doing the things I love - like getting to sew, which was my plan.

 I spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room, with chest pain. It wasn't a severe pain, and it didn't travel, but I did get some nausea and a little dizzyness. The tests came out fine, with no indication of a heart attack. The pain went away finally, and they let me come home. I'm glad because I didn't want to stay there. I didn't want to BE there at all.

My mom died of a heart attack because she wouldn't go get checked, even though she was feeling bad. I couldn't do that to my family.

Even so, I had to think about the decision to go. Was what I was feeling really something to worry about? (I called my cousin the nurse for a second opinion) I know that if I feel like there is something serious going on, I can panic and ramp it up, and then it gets worse. Its a hard line for me to toe, and I tend towards determinedly ignoring.

Then, of course, the emergency room isn't free. Our insurance gives us a $100 co-pay, which isn't all that bad in the scheme of things, but when the budget is tight - and ours is - it can be an issue. But I went. And we paid. And tomorrow, I'll go see my regular Dr. and try to find what was really going on.

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Fran said...

You absolutely did the right thing! Good for you! And yeah, we know from tight budgets, but women and hearts are nothing to take for granted, especially when there's a history -- as you well know.

So good for you and keep us posted, and be good to yourself!