Friday, December 23, 2011

white christmas

We got snow here today. A good amount of it. A couple of inches at least (hey, that's a lot around here). The snow fell throughout the day, sometimes light, small flakes, at other times they were fat and fluffy. It was warm, though, so the roads melted nicely. To freeze not-so-nicely tonight. So even though it is a couple of days before Christmas, and the actual snow - unless a bunch falls again tonight - will be gone on Christmas day, I'm counting it as a white Christmas.

Even more amazing is the fact that it is our second snow-fall of the season, already.

Can you see the snow falling? This was about 7:30 this morning.

How about in this one? It was coming down pretty hard when I took this one about 11 or so.

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Fran said...

My envy knows no bounds, but man, am I pleased that you guys are getting a white Christmas! Enjoy it, my friend!