Wednesday, December 28, 2011

of sewing machines and christmas cards

There is something - a couple of things actually - that I can say about doing as much sewing as I have been in the past couple of years. One: my skills are improving. Not l33t yet, but improving. Two: the sewing machine does not intimidate me. So yesterday, when it started skipping stitches, I thought, hmm... probably needs to be oiled. Knowing that it was a sign to quit for the day, I did. Today, however, in good light and spirits, I pulled out the manual, and looked up what to do. I opened the area where the bobbin goes, and then took out the bobbin case and CLEANED. Whew, it needed it! I should do it more often, probably, but I'm not a fixer of what ain't broken. So, I cleaned the area, oiled as pictured, reassembled it, and it worked like it should.

Then, this afternoon, I took Raine and her friend, Ezekiel to the pool. For the whole session. 1-4:30, they swam. It kept them busy, exercised and entertained all afternoon. Score! Have I mentioned how much Raine loves that indoor pool?

While the kids swam, I worked on my Christmas cards. Yeah, I know. Late. Still, I thought, I'll make them Happy New Year cards, and Thanks for the wonderful gifts cards. So I did. And addressed them, and it took an hour. An hour. All that procrastination for a "chore" that took an hour? I'm let down. What was I thinking? I was thinking it would take waaay longer than that. Now, I feel like a dork. A dork with all her Christmas cards done. Finally.

Now, about those presents...

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Dina said...

Here's a comment my mother-in-law sent to me via e-mail:

lol, yesterday's blog was funny what with the sewing machine - yep why fix what ain't broke lol. Then with the could just save them till next year and be ahead of the game lol. Was Raine a prune when she got out of the pool : ^ ). Can't imagine being able to swim indoors in the winter time. When we went to Pigeon Forge the weekend right before my surgery they had an indoor pool but Ron just couldn't bring himself to swim in the winter lol. There was also the fact that it was clear across the parking lot, oh well.

take care and keep on blogging.
love, Linda